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The Weeknd – Kiss Land (Album) | Review
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The Weeknd – Kiss Land (Album) | Review




Kiss Land is an enlightening experience. It is a great follow up to Trilogy, which is technically The Weeknd‘s first studio album. Even though Trilogy is simply three mixtapes remastered and tethered together with a few new songs; the remastered versions of these classic songs give new life to music that I had been listening to since 2011. Kiss Land has a proper and complete sound that allows you to fully immerse yourself into the music. Even though as listeners we tend to accept a slight buzzing and other background noise as part of the melody, the cleaner sound of the music is refreshing.

Lyrically, The Weeknd is always down to earth, which is what I believe is appreciated about his work. It’s the same thing we liked about Nas’s Illmatic, 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin and J. Cole’s Born Sinner. They were all very real and that authentic feeling on a music album is powerful. The Weeknd always leaves all his thoughts on the track and Kiss Land is no exception to that. He poured his whole being into this album and the response is – your entire being is drawn to it. You have to listen to it again. Even though you’ve heard it all a million times and your understand it all a million times over, you have to hear it again.

Kiss Land, the self titled track is one of the best songs on the album. At about three and a half minutes the song breaks down and he just goes into how he’s living his life. He talks about his relationships with women, his drug habits, drinking, his insomnia and anything else he could possibly be feeling at the time. This song is rightfully called Kiss Land because the content of this one song is the focal point of the entire album. Then he goes on to say,

“This ain’t nothing to relate to, even if you tried.”

Meaning, emulating him won’t make you cool. He’s not endorsing other people to live the way he does.

Belong to the world is a dynamic track; he tells the story of a woman that is obviously in his life for the money, but she treats him the way a potential wife should. In other words she is playing the game very well to get what she wants. Even though she puts on a show to be very caring, he knows she’s not being truthful because he is the same way and he loves that about her; he loves that she has no feelings just like him. He’s thought about making her more that just this woman that he has some sort of relationship with, but he knows that her whole heart won’t be in it. Hence the line,

“I want to embrace you, domesticate you, but you belong to the world.”

She belongs to the world, in other words she is doing what everyone has told her is a way of life, what the world has shown her to be a way of life. In reality this type of survival fades. To “domesticate” her or make her more than what she is, he would have to change himself as well and he knows he’s not changing anytime soon.

The only problem I have with this album is track number six, Live For featuring Drake. The previous collaborations between the two have been phenomena, but this time around feels so rushed and it just doesn’t have the same feeling of purity that Zone or Crew Love had. I’m not a huge Drake fan, but when I saw their was a song that he was featured on I was ecstatic. These two go together pretty well, they just didn’t execute this time and it was a bit of a let down.

The poetic form of lyrical expression is there along with a mind-bending sound that I sincerely enjoy.  Give this album a sincere listen. Kiss Land is absolutely worth your time and your money.


Grade: A-

Favorite Tracks:

Kiss land
Belong to The World


“This ain’t nothing to relate to…”


“You belong to the temporary moments of a dream”

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