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Trapnati – Hardo | Swag Sold Separately
Swag Sold Separately

Trapnati – Hardo


Trapnati - Hardo

Trapnati is the newest project and first album of Pittsburgh’s infamous “Trap” artist Hardo. Hardo came along way from his first Youtube hit “Cut Throat” to landing features with big names in the industry such as members of Hustle Gang, Taylor Gang, Most Dope, and several upcoming rappers from Rostrum records, his own crew Trap Illustrated, and even being shouted out in rap legend T.I’s song “About the Money” ft. Young Thug. “I’m doing it for black and yellow Free Hardo” T.I raps in his verse on the track.


Hardo was arrested on August 30th 2013 after running a stop sign and being found wth 250 individual stamp bags of heroin. He was charged with intent to deliver but, was found not guilty on June 9th, 2014. He was ordered to reamin in the system to serve time for a parole violation. This isn’t the first time Hardo has been held back by the law from producing music, and finally getting notice from Pittsburgh and worldwide. After T.I. heard Hardo’s single Stressin he got the notice he needed to be affiliated with T.I’s crew Hustle Gang. Hardo attended Taylor Allderdice High School where Mac Milelr and Wiz Khalifa originated from. He became a good friend of Mac Miller there where he struck fame after his affiliation on Mac Miller’s hit song “Donald Trump”. Hardo has been trapping his way and grinding out verses throughout his jail time, parole, and life trying to make a living in the music industry. After hearing this project and watching him climb up the Billboard 100’s and iTunes store top albums since the drop of Trapnati it’s evident he will be a big name in the industry sooner then later.

Hardo trap

Trapnati takes you on a musical journey through the trap lifestyle Hardo has been living since a kid in Pittsburgh. The album reminds me of a classic Tupac or Biggie project where the music is more then just music, it tells a story and has a hidden message behind the verses and beats. The album is 15 tracks long with a duration of over an hour. The project was produced by the famous producer A Dot The God who did a flawless job on the project. The tracks all have their own story of either trapping, bitches, smoking, getting money, or his life coming up through charges while still being a father to his children and making a mark on the music industry. Before I break down every song for you guys you need to checkout the album via iTunes it will be 10$ you will never regret spending. You can find the album here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trapnati/id986202350.

Trapnati the Album:

Nothin Like Me: The intro to the album gives you a background of his life. From him being shot, friends dying, missing his childrens births, being in jail, god losing faith for him and his phone call with T.I. He shouts out all of his dead homies and, fellow Trap illustrated members who are locked up for life, which he mourns for everyday. The songs message is “You’re not like me” which is a very relevant description considering all he has been through. The songs beat is a classic trap beat with hard hitting 808s and a slow to fast pace changeup giving his verse more meaning and a stronger feel. Great start to the album and beginning to the story behind the project.

Trapnati: This song gives the vibe of selling his soul to the Trap life he lives, hence the affliation with the unknown illuminati theory. Selling bricks, catching bodies, getting rich, and freeing his crew Trap Illustrated. This song really brings out the story about his life. Yet another trap beat with more hard hitting bass, along with a verse being spit with authority and meaning. Definitley a solid track for the album and the message he’s trying to deliver.

Real ft. Young Monk: Young Monk is one of the many members of Trap illustrated. He landed a spot on the album spitting about how to be “Real” in the trap game. The song tells about the streets choosing him along with his crew. Money getting, Hustling, and grinding out to make it big in the music and trap game. This song is the first time Hardo sings the hook of a song, it’s a change up to his normal aggressive hooks but it gives the song more meaning and a different feel then usual. Being able to change up what people are used to and be successful is a big part of mkaing it in the industry now a days.

Mo Money ft. Wiz Khalifa: This song is the biggest change up Hardo fans will experience from the tape. He takes an entirely different approach then what we are used too. The slow chorus and verse gives a good feel and set up for Wiz’s verse which he absolutely destroys for his Pittsburgh bro Hardo. The song title speaks for itself it tells the story of stacking up money to new extents and living an expensive life. Wiz Khalifa as we all know is rising to the top of the charts for every song he releases so him being apart of this song just makes it that much better. Great beat and solid verses by both Pittsburgh natives to make this a top song on the album. Be careful the hook will get stuck in your head for the remainder of the day.

Hardo & Wiz

I Know you Ain’t Gon Act ft. T.I.: The new hit song right here off the album. Hearing trap legend T.I. link up with Hardo is a pleasure to your ears. T.I. gives it his all spitting one of his best verses and hooks I’ve heard in years. Accompanied by a dope verse from Hardo this will be a song you will have on repeat. The song is all about the trap life, accompanied with quick hard spitting verses and a dope beat. This song really gets you excited for the future of Hardo and Hustle Gang collaborations.

Hardo & TI

Ghost of Trish ft. Deezlee: Ghost of Trish tells about a Trap Illustrated member who is no longer with us. Deezzlee being the Co CEO of Trap Illustrated you expect a banger on this song fromt the two Trap Illustrated members. They deliver it perfectly and give your head something to nod too. The beat is a banger, and the verses are perfectly on point. The aggression and anger behind both of them show how much they care for the crew and will do anything for each other. Great song for the car stereos and turning a party up.

Ghost of Trish

Fear Warnings ft. Stevie B & Victoria Monet: This is one of my personal favorite songs on the album. The vibe the song gives off and the musical talent and variety Hardo displays on this song makes you think Wow he’s going to be on the radio worldwide soon. The smooth beat and beautiful vocals from Victoria Monet give this song it’s own special vibe. The song tells the story of avoiding the Feds, and making it through the hard trap life he once lived. This song really speaks to you and gives you an idea of what Hardo has had to go through from his family issues, his dad warning about it all, friends dying, and avoiding the risk of getting caught. Great song overall couldn’t of chose a better beat or features for this one.

God’s Grace: This song begins with the news cast of Hardo’s preliminary hearing for his heroin charges. This song is as real as it gets. It gives the story of the struggle and hoping for God’s blessing throughout all the sins he made throughout his life. He really gets hard on himslef on this song giving fans views, and even views of his manager from his standpoint. This song I believe gives the truth and regret of what he has done and how he is going to pursue to keep his life on the rise. Another big thing mentioned in this song is the fact of one of his crew members still unkown who snitched on him and his crew which was just another obstacle him and his crew have to overcome in time. Most emotional song and easy to listen too song on the album.

In My Eyes ft. Chevy Woods: Acceptance and Growth is what this song is all about. This song gives you a look literally through his eyes of his day to day life as a trapstar. The feature from Chevy Woods gives this song a huge plus with his own rap technique that he is emerging with. Chevy always has had his own sound no one can duplicate and hearing his style along with Hardo makes this song a banger. Hard hitting beat, perfect verses on the track make this another hit off of the album.

Hardo & Chevy Woods

My World ft. Stevie B: My World gives a new feel for Hardo that many fans haven’t heard. It’s all about dealing with his girl. Missing her from the jail cell, to just leaving the his house. Shows that his girl means everything to him and is a nice slow grind song. Very soft beat and the voice we all have grown to love from Hardo makes the perfect mix of trap rap and a R&B song. This is my second favorite song off the project personally because it’s a new side of Hardo people don’t usually see or expect from him.

Confused: This is the most upbeat song on the project talking about being caught up with two girls. This is a song that will have your head noding throughout the duration. Choosing between two girls is a diffiuclt task as all of us guys know. He really gives a song here explaining the struggle of choosing between the two. Outstanding production on this song the beat is one of my favorites off the album. “I’m caught up with two bitches…” the verse is currently stuck in my head and will be in yours as soon as you listen. Lookout for this song in clubs near you.

Fast Life ft. Mac Miller: Hit song off the album. Hearing the mixup of the styles between the two Pittsburgh artists makes this song dope. The songs speaks of rising up through the life at Pittsburgh and making connections throughout the world and industry. Smoking Pittsburgh’s top shelf weed and listening to this song will have you in your zone. Perfect chill song to jam out too.

Hardo & Mac Miller

Qualities of a Man: ft. Ray Childress: The name of this song explains the message about this song. The song tells about manning up to all the situations he’s been through from fighting for his son, goint to jail, making music, and grinding out the trap lifestyle. The feature from Pittsburgh trap legend Ray Childress shows the impact he has on the city and the OG’s of the Pittsburgh trap game. Childress has a famous case in Pittsburgh Commonwealth v. Childress which can be found online. The reach out from people like Childress shows the street cred of Hardo and how real of a person he is.

Soldiers Story ft. Boaz: This song featuring upcoming Rostrum records signed artist Boaz gives a word to the streets about earning your stripes and street cred the real way. Staying real to your crew, making money, hustling, and doing whatever needs to be done to stay at the top of the trap game. The song is an absolute banger with the mean verses laid down along with the hard hitting beat which actually blew out my speakers. Don’t turn it up too loud and don’t get a headache from bouncing your head. This is my favorite song off the album.

How Real is That: The concluding song of the album is a perfect ending to the story the album. He ends the story on how he plans to progress musically and try to avoid the trap life. It tells how long of a way he has came from the beginning of both his trap and rap career. Explains why he takes the risks he does in his life. Hard hitting beat, with a great verse overall a great song and ending song for the album.

Hardo x DF

After listening through the album I really grew to become a even bigger fan of Hardo. This album was a great start to his career to come. He did all he could to live up to the hype of the album and even changed his style up to show his musical talent in many different aspects. From the classic trap rap we all know from Hardo, to some slower R&B sounding songs, and to really telling a story through his music. Just from the time I began writing this article Hardo has rose higher and higher on the iTunes and Billboard charts. The progression and drive behind Hardo is inspirational and shows that no matter what you grow up in or come from if you have a dream and want to acievee it anything is possible. Great overall album I give it a 4.5/5 rating due too the fact that I don’t think any album can be perfect everyone can improve and I’m excited to hear more from Hardo and to get together with him later this month for an exclusive interview.

Trap Illustrated                                               Trap Illi


Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/trapnhardo

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Kepp updated via Trap Illustrated’s website: http://www.trap-illustrated.com

Listen via Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/trapnhardo





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