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Store Robber’s Getaway Car Runs Out of Gas


y aWMURA Manchester store owner chased a woman who he said tried to rob his store Saturday night. About 6 p.m., police said Janelle Perry went into the Varney Street Quick Stop convenience store, said she had a gun and demanded money. “During the course of the (robbery), the clerk removed a bat he had behind the counter due to the recent rash of robberies to protect himself. The suspect then (escaped) on foot,” Det. Robert Bellenoit, of the Manchester Police Department, said. The clerk then chased Perry to the parking lot, where police said the clerk pulled off her mask and hit her in the hands with the bat. Police said that Perry managed to get to her car parked around the corner on Precourt Street and drove away. But moments later, Bellenoit said Perry stopped and called police, telling them she had been attacked with a bat. “They received a 911 hang up call from a female victim saying she had been struck by a bat,” Bellenoit said. Detectives said the phone call helped them arrest her — it didn’t take long for them to connect the call to the attempted robbery. Perry was arrested on Comeau Street, but police said she denied trying to rob the store. “(Perry) told (police) she had run out of gas and had gone to the store to ask for a couple of dollars so she could get some gas. This was her side of the story,” Bellenoit said. But detectives said Perry was charged with attempted robbery because they found evidence that said she tried to hit the store and was not asking for just a couple of dollars.



Welp, at first I saw the headline and was thinking about how funny of a story this could be. I had it all planned out, I was going to start the blog like this; ” Ski Mask, Check, Getaway Car, Check, Guns, Check, Gas in Getaway Car, no check.” But after reading the news story I was disappointed to find out that 1. It wasn’t in fact a robbery where the person legit ran out of gas trying to get away and 2. It was a woman. I was reading the article at work with a co-worker and we both looked at each other and said “Ohh, well that makes sense now.” Who would of thought a woman would try to stick up a mom and pops gas station then get her face bashed in, call the cops complaining she got her face bashed in and then try to spin it off as some sob story. Let me give you some advice honey, instead next time why don’t you just hold up a store like a big girl and have a getaway driver. Amateur hour.
















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