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Ozzie Guillen Apparently Loves Fidel Castro


Miami – Traditionally, throughout the season Ozzie provides plenty for us to write about, and the 2012 season will assuredly be no different. Sometimes he sticks his foot in his mouth and sometimes he sticks it in someone else’s; either there or another human orifice. The enigmatic Guillen, who in 2006 was fined and ordered by MLB to have sensitivity training after using a homophobic slur in referring to a Chicago columnist has a habit of being brutally honest. This weekend Guillen could be found on Time magazine’s website expressing admiration for the most reviled man in Miami, Fidel Castro.

“I respect Fidel Castro,” Guillén said. “You know why? Many people have tried to kill Fidel Castro in the last 60 years, yet that [SOB] is still there.”

This is exactly why I wanted Ozzie in Boston; he’s entertaining as fuck; dude literally doesn’t give a shit. “Hey Ozzie, want to talk politics? How About Castro?” Not a problem, dude just goes on a tangent about how he respects the guy because no one can kill him, maybe this will give Ozzie dual citizenship in Cuba? But seriously, everyone and their mother is freaking out about this and how Ozzie was brought to Miami because of his Latin background and the heavy Latin (largely Cuban) fan base. Well, who really gives a fuck? Yeah i get it, Castro is a mean dude and he’s ruined and even ended people’s lives, but we are talking about Ozzie Guillen here, other than calling his players out, when is he ever serious? This is just like my roommates girlfriend hates me now because I created a fake twitter account for him and called her crazy… When am I ever serious. #GetOverIt.


PS – She is crazy though, but I do like her, shes a sweatheart; just a tid bit loco.


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